Conrad Maldives Launches Exclusive Experiences for Underwater Residence

The private island resort, Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, is set to debut its greatly anticipated underwater residence, The Muraka, this November. To coincide with this launch, the resort has created a series of exclusive experiences that will only be available to this underwater villa’s guests.

Four customizable experience menus titled The Wanderers, The Flavors, The Soul and The Thrill have been designed to enhance the immersion guests of The Muraka have into the environment here, encompassing adventure, food, entertainment, wellness, culture and sustainability. Based around these four menus, experiences will be curated for individual guests by a dedicated reservations team.

Begin by choosing The Wanderers experience for an authentic and fresh perspective on Maldivian territory and local culture; you could find yourself exploring the depths of the Indian Ocean in the company of a film crew and starring in your own underwater movie beyond the glass walls of your villa.

The Flavors menu naturally focuses on the local cuisine, but in this case you’ll have your own private chef 24-hours a day. The exclusive culinary experiences here include a workshop with renowned Chinese chef Jereme Leung in making specialties of the resort’s Ufaa restaurant such as xiao long bao and handmade noodles.

 With guests seeking greater well-being in mind, the resort then created The Soul experience menu, encouraging spiritual discovery, renewed focus and a connection to the natural surroundings through meditation and yoga, among other disciplines. At The Muraka, these meditative sessions take place on your private sunrise and sunset decks, enabling you to bask in the first sunlight or early evening glow.

Finally, in contrast to The Soul, the fourth experience menu, The Thrill, brings together a collection of adrenaline-fueled adventures, both on land and at sea. Venture beneath the surface of the water on a night dive to witness the glow of plankton after dark and discover sea creatures that only come out at night.

By launching these exclusive to The Muraka experiences, the resort is defining this new underwater residence by the immersive stay it provides as well as its ground-breaking structure. The general manager of the resort, Stefano Ruzza, comments: “As the first-of-its-kind residence with dynamic accommodations both above and below the surface of the water, The Muraka is an extraordinary vehicle for a truly immersive journey into nature which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Through a variety of curated and captivating offerings, we will maximize the potential of this incredible residence to bring unique travel experiences to our valued guests.”


Source: Elite Traveler