Four Seasons Unveils Epic New Private Jet Trips for 2024

We’re only just heading into 2023, but Four Seasons wants you to start planning vacations for the following year.

The hospitality giant today announced that reservations for its 2024 private jet itineraries are now open. The team has also unveiled the full list of destinations that will be welcoming travelers via the Four Seasons jet in a bit over a year’s time.

Most notably, Four Seasons added a new Asia Unveiled journey for travelers who want to do more in less time. The 16-day trip, which is shorter than most of the other itineraries, focuses on one region and thus allows guests to really hone in on the local culture, history and cuisine. You’ll start in Japan then head to Indonesia, the Maldives, Vietnam, Bhutan and Cambodia before finishing up in Thailand.

If Asia isn’t your bag, though, 10 other new destinations were added to the program this year. You could take a four-night expedition to Antarctica as part of the Uncharted Discovery itinerary or explore Chile’s remote Easter Island with the Ancient Explorer adventure. Other notable new additions include Costa Rica, Bogotá, Johannesburg and Mauritius.

As always, you’ll be transported to any far-flung destinations in the utmost comfort. On the ground and in the air, you’ll receive the white-glove service for which Four Seasons is renowned. In terms of accommodation, you’ll stay at the brand’s hotels and resorts, naturally. In the more remote locations, other high-end establishments will be selected by the Four Seasons team.

“Feedback from our guests—including many who have joined us for a second, third or even fourth journey—continues to shape the experience, from the custom-design of the new Four Seasons Private Jet to the introduction of shorter itineraries, such as Asia Unveiled for time-challenged travelers who want to experience more in less time, and the family-focussed African Wonders,” Marc Speichert, executive vice president and chief commercial officer at Four Seasons, said in a statement.

Since launching the private jet seven years ago, Four Seasons has completed 20 journeys through 35 countries. The brand says there is “consistent and strong demand,” too, with 2023 trips already 90 percent sold. Perhaps it’s best to make your 2024 bookings now.

Source: RobbReport