Four Seasons Unveils New Plane for ‘Private Jet’ Global Adventure

Four Seasons is known for providing travelers with a luxurious respite in its earthbound hotels, but the brand’s high-end pampering continues skyward. They’re launching a plane for their Private Jet service, which takes customers to various destinations around the world for three weeks. Four Seasons takes care of everything from lodging to various experiences.

The company has purchased a 48-passenger Airbus A321LR for its customers. Although the jet isn’t truly “private,” travelers will feel like they’re the only customer on board; the cushy comfort is entirely custom, with hand-crafted leather seats that lay flat for sleeping tops on the features list.

Each of the bathrooms will boast a luxurious look and feel. But, best of all, the new jet will include an onboard executive chef, a concierge, a director of guest experience, and a doctor, in addition to a specialized in-flight crew.

Four Seasons’ new Airbus is scheduled to launch in 2021.


Source:American Luxury