Luxury Traveler? Here is Why You Need to Go to Brazil

Over the past 10 years, foreign luxury brands have flooded the Brazilian market and cities like Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo have become hotbeds for prestigious brands and boutique fashion. It is no wonder that Brazil is becoming a top luxury travel destination as well, with luxury Brazil tours that cover the entire country now a popular tourist option. Exquisite services and accommodation at some of the most marvelous natural sites on the planet make up Brazil´s luxury offer: true exclusivity. Combine this with some of the world´s most impressive colonial architecture and art and you are well on the way to getting a picture of luxury travel in Brazil. Here, we have a look at why Brazil is a luxury travel destination like no other, and what makes up its best luxury travel spots.

What sets Brazil apart?

Unique Luxury Services

In Brazil, the concept of luxury services take on a completely new meaning. Generally, in upmarket retail it is common to find brands holding private store events with exclusive access to collections and closed shopping hours. The Brazilian fashion elite take this a step further by bringing the luxury brands to their own homes. You will find fashion powerhouses on a par with Gucci or Tiffany´s visiting private homes to display new collections.


Brazilian luxury consumers make up a large fraction of shoppers in the world´s fashion capitals such as London, Paris and New York. The majority of Brazilians tend to prefer well-known, trusted and established brands such as Louis Vuitton, this has further increased the pull of this giant South American market for famous international retailers.
It is clear that despite the high taxes and complicated bureaucracy, luxury brands still settle in Brazil. There are a number of reasons for this, not least the fact that traditionally, luxury brands were only accessible to the upper class, so they remained an exclusivity here, although this is changing as time goes on.

Impressive Geography

The geography and history of Brazil also afford it privileged opportunities for quality travel services. Take a luxury cruise on the Amazon River followed by a stay in a high – end jungle lodge for example. Where else would you find 5 – star accommodation at the doorstep of world wonders such as the Belmond Hotel das Cataratas, which grants you exclusive private access to Iguassu falls. Or Belmond Copacabana Palace which towers over one of the most famous and breath-taking beaches in the world – all you have to do is take a look up to see “Cristo Redentor”, probably the most famous landmark on the planet. Brazil is unique and exclusive.

High end eco – tourism and eco – chic culture

A substantial portion of the luxury tourism industry is transforming to accommodate the population´s growing environmental awareness of recent years. Fernando de Noronha is a paradisiacal archipelago off the Northeast coast of Brazil. Considered one of the best diving sites in the world you share the area with dolphins, turtles, whales, manta rays and sharks. Beautiful “Mata Atlantica” vegetation envelops the rocky cliffs. Here, there are a restricted number of visitors to the island at any one time, an experience of true beauty and tranquillity, for some, the epitome of luxury travel.
This luxury eco – chic culture manifests itself in Jericoacoara probably more so than anywhere else in Brazil. Once a tiny, lost fishing village facing the ocean, it now offers a fully developed tourist infrastructure with luxury travel services. There are turquoise rainwater lagoons in between giant sand dunes and probably the most beautiful sunset in Brazil. In the restaurants, you will find delightful local and international cuisine after which you can enjoy tropical cocktails with people from all over the world.

“Jet Set” environment

For those who prefer a more jet – set destination, head to Armação dos Búzios and find yourself mingling with Brazil´s socialites and high society. Nicknamed the “Saint – Tropez of Brazil,” during the day luxury travelers will enjoy beach relaxation and watersports on one of the twenty beaches. As night falls, the town transforms with the trendiest bars and clubs in the Rio de Janeiro region welcoming visitors. Armação dos Búzios is an exclusive destination and associated with Brazilian luxury travel – you will see this reflected in the prices.

Fine lodges for Luxury Travel in Brazil

In the lead up to hosting both the FIFA World Cup and the Olympic Games, Brazil´s tourist infrastructure developed at a rapid pace. Nowadays you can find numerous fine lodges on idyllic beaches such as the Kenoa Resort about 30km away from Maceió. Designed by Osvaldo Tenorio, this work of art will sweep you off your feet upon arrival. Think infinity pools, spa treatments, and a revitalizing, tranquil environment, Kenoa resort is a truly special stop during a luxury tour of Brazil.
Finally, for the more adventurous, really immerse yourself in the immensity of Brazilian nature with a luxury stay in the Amazon. The Anavilhanas Jungle lodge provides an unparalleled Amazonian experience. Stay in a luxury chalet with a huge bay window, as close to nature as you can get! Also, enjoy the excursions into the jungle included in the stay.
In summary, the next time you consider taking a holiday in the sun, you should consider luxury travel in Brazil, you won’t be disappointed.
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